Derby woman with incurable illness saved by her German Shepherd

A woman who suffers from a crippling incurable condition has told how she was saved by her clever dog after passing out in the bath from the pain.

Seven years ago Chloe Bircher was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a painful illness which left her bed-bound for a year.

When her condition was at its most excruciating, she would have died had it not been for Azan the German Shepherd coming to the rescue.

Chloe recalled how during one of the worst episodes she fainted in the bath from the pain and slipped underwater.

Azan, who was only six months old at the time, saw the fall and went to get help, Chloe told Derbyshire Live.

The discerning pet’s instincts are spot on and he can always sense when her health starts to flare up, the 30-year-old said.

“He was only six months old the first time I passed out and I was in the bath so I was submerged under the water,” Chloe, from Chellaston, Derby, said.

“He actually went and got somebody, we never trained him to do it but we’ve just got this unbreakable bond.

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